‘Women in Indian army will boost our strength’: PM Modi in Kargil to celebrate Diwali with soldiers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Kargil Monday to celebrate Diwali with soldiers and said the “induction of women in armed forces will boost our strength”.

PM Modi addressed the soldiers as his family.”There has been no war with Pakistan where Kargil has not unfurled the victory flag. A nation is safe when its border is secure, economy strong and society full of confidence,” he said.

Recalling his visit to the frontier region after the 1999 conflict, the PM said, “In Kargil, our armed forces had crushed the hood of terror and people still remember the Diwali that was celebrated back then.” He also said that he had “witnessed the war closely.” “It was my duty that had brought me to Kargil back then. There are many memories of that time when the sounds of victory were reverberating all around.”

He further added that if India’s prestige has risen globally and its standards have gone up, it is because the country has been successful in dealing with enemies outside and inside. He also said, “When India’s strength rises, it also gives rise to possibility of global peace and prosperity.”

PM Modi added, “decisive battle against corruption is on and the corrupt, however strong they may be, will not be spared.”

“Reforms in the armed forces, that were required for decades, are now being implemented,” he said and added ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ is the most important aspect to the nation’s security. “Our dependence on foreign weapons and system should be minimal,” Modi said.

Modi also said, “We have never considered war the first option, but the last option; we believe in peace but peace is not possible without strength.”

Since coming to power in 2014, Modi has been visiting different military facilities to celebrate Diwali.

(With inputs from PTI)

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