“Who Will Watch The World Cup In India If Pakistan Don’t Take Part?”- Ramiz Raja

BCCI‘s Secretary Jay Shah announced last month that the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 won’t take place in Pakistan and made it very clear that India won’t travel to Pakistan. Shah had also said that the championship would be played at a neutral venue which is most likely UAE.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) then threatened that they would pull out of the 2023 World Cup and also said that they alone can’t take decisions for the event. PCB is trying its best to bring back International Cricket to the spectators and fans.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). (Photo: Twitter)

Ramiz Raja on India

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja was having an interaction with Urdu News and was quite furious over India’s non-participation in Asia Cup 2023. “If Pakistan doesn’t take part in the World Cup scheduled in India next year, who will watch it? We have a clear stand: If the Indian team comes here then we will go for the World Cup. If they don’t come then they can play the World Cup without us.” said Ramiz Raja.

Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja. (Pic Credits: Twitter)

“We will adopt an aggressive approach. Our team is showing performance. I’ve always said we need to improve the economy of Pakistan cricket, and that can only happen when we perform well. In the 2021 T20 World Cup, we beat India. We beat India in the T20 Asia Cup. In one year, the Pakistan cricket team defeated a billion dollar economy team twice.” he added.

Greatest Rivalry

The World Cricket would hope that this off field tension doesn’t affect the game. We all witnessed a thriller in T20 World Cup 2022 where there was jam-packed action. It looks unlikely that BCCI would change its stance as Jay Shah had also mentioned that sending the team to Pakistan is a government’s decision.

BCCI. Pic Credits: Twitter.

PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja would try his best to get the Asia Cup in Pakistan. It won’t be wrong to say that Ramiz Raja has changed the face of Pakistan Cricket. It would be interesting to see how the things pan out for the World Cricket.

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