Watch a Mermaid Harry Styles In “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” Video

It’s a music video that feels like a music video.

Harry Styles channeled all the Little Mermaid vibes in the video for his hit single “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” donning a crown, jewels and a giant squid-like tail.

The Oct. 27 music video follows the singer as a mer-man who is captured while out in the wild and brought into a fictional sushi restaurant called Gill’s Lounge. As he sees chefs cut up fish all around him, Harry 

hatches a plan to use his voice to keep him alive. Shortly after the chefs hear his angelic voice, they give him the VIP treatment, including manicures, face masks, massages and more to prepare him for his live performance at the restaurant.

Unfortunately, this squid tale does not seem to have a happy ending for the “Golden” singer as after he chokes on stage, it appears the chefs decided to chop him up anyway (RIP bearded mermaid Harry, we’ll think of you forever) and turn him into a platter of sushi.

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