VIP darshan practice to be phased out in Tamil Nadu temples, says minister Sekar Babu


Tamil Nadu minister P K Sekar Babu Tuesday said the government would phase out the practice of VIP darshan in temples across the state.

Sekhar, who holds the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments portfolio, told reporters in Chennai, “The VIP darshan practice is not something that came into existence in the DMK period now, it has been there… The HR and CE department is now taking measures to prevent it in the state.”

Sekar claimed that the government stopped the practice of giving out Rs 20 VIP darshan tickets at the Anjaneyar temple in Namakkal. “Though it generated Rs 40 lakh revenue to the temple annually, we decided to scrap it and said we can manage with other temple revenues. Similarly, in the upcoming days, wherever VIP darshan is being practised, we will take step-by-step measures to prevent them,” Sekar added.

The minister denied reports of people with VIP passes entering the sanctum sanctorum of temples. “No one can enter the sanctum sanctorum, even if they have VIP passes. The archakars (priets) at the temple will not allow that to happen,” said Shekhar.

He also talked about the various measures the government adopts for the smooth conduct of religious events in the state. He said the department, under the leadership of Chief Minister MK Stalin, was taking several efforts to ensure that no one is superior and everyone is treated equally inside the temple.


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