Two Cheetahs released into their larger enclosure

Two male siblings Elton and Freddie became the first two Cheetahs to be released into the five sq km enclosure from their quarantine bomas on Saturday after having completed nearly 50 days in quarantine.

The decission to realise the two male Cheetahs was taken based on the recommendations of the Cheetah Task Force constituted by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). The forest officials have adopted a staggered approached to release the eight Cheetahs which were flown down from Namibia in a first such inter-continental translocation.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi expressed happiness over the release of the two Cheetahs and said, “Am told that after the mandatory quarantine, 2 cheetahs have been released to a bigger enclosure for further adaptation to the Kuno habitat. Others will be released soon. I’m also glad to know that all cheetahs are healthy, active and adjusting well.”

After the first two Cheetahs were released they will be closely monitored using satellite collar within their five sq km enclosure and observed using high resolution cameras put up around the enclosure. There will also be monitoring using over the five watch towers set up around the park. The Cheetahs will have to develop hunting skills showing signs of adapting well to the environment only after which a decission to leave them out of the enclosure will be taken.

According to forest officials, after the two Cheetahs were released, the remaining Cheetahs will be released in the enclosure and last of them would be Asha who would be kept under observation until November 10 in her own quarantine Boma.

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