Ten factors that contributed to the TRS win in Munugude Bypoll

Ten factors contributed to the TRS’ victory ín the Munugude Assembly constituency byelection, giving it the shouting rights ahead of the state elections next year.

1. CM’s 2 meetings: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao used to avoid campaigning for the bypolls but held two meetings at Munugode, the first on August 20, before the Election Commission issued the bypoll notification, and one on October 30, three days ahead of the poll.

2. TRS’ Op Akarsh: As soon as Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy quit the Congress, the CM and K.T. Rama Rao executed ‘Operation Akarsh,’ drawing disgruntled BJP and Congress cadres to the ruling party and robbing the two parties of ground-level support.

3. Wooing beneficiaries: The TRS contacted the 3,34,994 beneficiaries of welfare schemes who had received benefits woth Rs 10,260 crore since 2014. The CM wrote letters to the beneficiaries and sought their support.

4. ‘Double wisdom’ govt: TRS projected the importance of having an MLA from the ruling party to secure funds, development and welfare schemes. It convinced the electorate that Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy had not developed Munugode as Congress MLA, and would not do so now.

5. CM, KTR promises: The CM’s promised launching development programmes and fulfilling pending promises within 14 days after the TRS victory. Rama Rao said he would adopt Munugode constiutency.

6. TRS strike force: The party deployed over 100 top leaders — 14 ministers, 86 MLAs, a few MPs and MLCs — for village-level booth management. The CM himself was incharge of a village. There was an incharge for every 100 voters.

7. Bringing migrant voters: The TRS mobilised nearly 40,000 migrant voters residing in Hyderabad and in other states, staying in touch with them and arranging free transportation to Munugode.

8. Rajgopal ‘sold out’: TRS aggressively campaigned that Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy has sold out for a Rs 18,000-crore contract awarded by the BJP. “Telangana and Munugode are not for sale,” the TRS said.

9. BC, ST support: The TRS reached out to BCs and STs who comprise a majority in the constituency. It announced cash transfer for Gollas, enhanced reservatios for STs.

10. Red tinge: The CM entered into strategic alliance with the Communist parties, which have a significant hold on several areas in the constituency.

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