Sourav Ganguly opens up on being compared to Virat Kohli

When Virat Kohli lost his form in cricket, he was the talk of the town. Now he bounced back to his original form, everyone is praising him again. President of BCCI, Saurav Ganguly predicted the future of Kohli after Asia Cup 2022.

An aggressive former cricket player of the Indian team and current BCCI President Sourav Ganguly was known for his aggression when he used to play cricket on the ground. Whether it was batting or captaincy, his aggression was worth seeing in both departments. Virat Kohli is also seen in the same style on the field. However, when Sourav Ganguly was questioned about his and Virat’s aggression, he dismissed this question and said that the comparison should not be on the aggression but on the skill of the player, and in this case, Virat is better than him.

Sourav Ganguly said in ‘Ranveer Shothew’ on ‘YouTube’, that he doesn’t think there should be a comparison on the captaincy. Instead, the comparison should be in terms of skill as a player. And in this department, Kohli is more skilled than him. They both played in different phases and played a lot of cricket. He played in his generation and Kohli is playing now. He has played more cricket than Kohli but Kohli will overtake him in that matter. Kohli is an amazing player.

Virat Kohli has returned to form after a long time. He had to wait for 1020 days for his international century. He returned to the side from the Asia Cup after taking a month’s break and after playing small and important innings in the opening matches, played an unbeaten 122 off 61 balls in India’s last ‘Super Four’ match against Afghanistan.

When Sourav Ganguly was asked whether he had given any advice when Kohli was struggling. To this Ganguly said, ‘They (the team) travel a lot, I do not get time to meet them.’ Ganguly said, ‘The media is reporting and covering everyone’s performance. We do not know what is going on in the media because after reaching the hotel, I first say at the reception that I do not want newspapers.

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