Soren govt wins confidence vote amid walkout by BJP MLAs

 Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren along with ministers and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) MLAs during the floor test in the State Assembly, in Ranchi, Monday. (Photo: PTI)

RANCHI:  The Jharkhand Assembly on Monday passed the confidence motion tabled by Chief Minister Hemant Soren amid a walkout staged by BJP legislators.

As many as 48 MLAs voted in favour of the confidence motion in the 81-member Assembly.

Speaking during the one-day special session, Soren said the need for trust vote was felt as BJP was “attempting to destabilise democratically elected governments” in non-BJP ruled states, including Jharkhand.

He alleged that the BJP was trying to create a “civil war-like situation in country by fuelling riots to win elections”.

Shortly after, the assembly was adjourned sine-die.

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