Software engineer ‘forces’ wife to have sex with friends, arrested


The Bengaluru police on Saturday arrested a 34-year-old software engineer hailing from Kerala for allegedly forcing his wife to have sex with his friends. The engineer has also been accused of recording some of her private videos and blackmailing her.

According to police sources, the couple tied the knot in 2011. They were initially doing well but the husband got addicted to alcohol and started harassing his wife. In 2015, he asked his wife to sleep with two of his friends and allegedly assaulted her when she refused.

In the FIR, the woman, also a software engineer, alleged that she was forced to have sex with her husband’s friends. The woman later started living separately. In 2019, the accused allegedly approached his wife asking her to convince her sister to sleep with him. Shocked by the incident, the woman decided to file for divorce, and the accused then tried to blackmail her by using her private videos.

“On December 4, I again asked for a divorce and he sent me two of my private photos via WhatsApp and blackmailed me that he would send them to his parents and friends. I informed the police the same day and they called us to the police station and warned him. But he continued to assault me under the influence of alcohol and ganja,” the woman said in the FIR registered on December 6.

A police officer from the Sampigehalli police station said the couple has a child and so they initially tried to pacify them but when the accused continued to trouble the woman, they arrested him.

The accused has been arrested under Sections 354(a), 354(c), 504, 506, and 498(a) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Section 20(a) (1) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and Section 66(e) of the Information Technology Act. The police said the accused has been remanded in judicial custody.


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