Shraddha Murder Accused Aaftab Asks Tihar Admin to Provide Novels, Literature Books


Aaftab Amin Poonawalla, who is accused of the gruesome murder of his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar, has asked the Tihar administration to provide novels and literature books to read, news agency ANI reported citing sources.

The administration will soon provide him with the books, they added.

The murder accused currently lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail and reportedly resorts to chess to keep him busy. Aaftab reportedly spends time plotting chess moves, often in solitary confinement and occasionally spars with two fellow inmates, reports news agency ANI quoting jail authorities.

Reports suggest that Aaftab is often spotted keenly observing the chess games of the two other inmates and whenever he gets a chance he plays both the white and black pieces.

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Aaftab reportedly plays as a single player and strategises and plays both sides himself, say sources. “The vicious Aaftab is fond of chess and he prepares different strategies and plays the board from both ends,” sources told ANI, adding that he is a “good player, in this game of checkmate”.

Aaftab shares his cell with two undertrials who have both been accused of theft. Reports suggest that the accused Aaftab does not converse much with his cell mates and just keeps playing chess alone in jail for hours.

A senior officer of the Delhi Police during the course of the investigation is reportedly taking notes of Aaftab’s calculated moves had said, “sometimes it seems that the investigating officer is not us but the accused Aaftab, at whose behest the Delhi Police department is going places, and it is evident in the way the police has got entangled in his already woven story,” per ANI.

As per reports, the jail authorities have increased the security outside Aaftab Poonawalla’s jail quarters, and deployed an additional guard outside his barrack, especially after an attack on a jail van ferrying Shraddha’s alleged killer outside the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) in Delhi’s Rohini.

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28-year-old Aaftab is accused of killing and dismembering Shraddha’s body, storing the chopped body parts in a refrigerator before disposing them is currently in the custody of Delhi Police which is putting together the pieces of the murder.

Aaftab has confessed to committing the crime narco-analysis test on Thursday.  Poonawala reportedly told doctors that he killed Walkar in a ‘fit of rage’ when she threatened to leave him for good. Poonawala underwent a narco-analysis test for almost two hours at a hospital in Rohini yesterday as part of the ongoing investigation into the case.

Officials said Poonawala’s narco test was completely successful and his health condition was absolutely fine. Answering a series of questions in a drugged state, Poonawala gave details about how he disposed of Shraddha’s dismembered body and murder weapon, along with other details about the crime.

As per police sources, when Aaftab was asked about where he hid Shraddha’s head, he couldn’t pinpoint a location and only vaguely recalled where he got rid of it. He also revealed where he hid the murder weapon, the clothes Shraddha wore at the time of murder, and her mobile phone, they said.

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