Shift offices, houses of top-ranking officials to Sec 39 or 38 W, garbage dump will vanish fast: FOSWAC

“The offices and the residences of top ranking officials of the Chandigarh Administration, including the Administrator, Advisor and the Commissioner, should be shifted to sector 39 or 38 W to see the garbage dump vanish in few months,” residents said during the executive committee meeting of the FOSWAC here Sunday.

This point was made during the deliberations on the dumping ground of Dadumajra.

The executive committee meeting of Federation of Sectors Welfare Association Chandigarh (FOSWAC) was held Sunday at Community Centre in Sector 40, Chandigarh. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Baljinder Singh Bittu. The federating members from various RWAs (Residents Welfare Associations) participated in the meeting.


Bittu said that “the Municipal Corporation has been continuously spending crores of rupees for the removal of garbage from the dumping ground at Dadu Majra but nothing notable has been achieved so far”.

“We may call it a total failure as the garbage piles had increased manifold,” he added.

Speaking about the online complaints and redressal system, he said that all apps and online platform had failed as the people have been getting false messages that their complaint is resolved.

Dr K S Chaudhary, president of RWA 38 West, said that the “residents of city are living under the risks of various breathing problems due to the continuous emission of obnoxious gases from the dumping ground in Dadu Majra”.

“The lungs of children and pregnant women are badly affected and are causing various lung problems. All the promises and assurances by all concerned high-ranking officials in the government, including the Administrator, had resulted in increased garbage dumps even after spending additional crores of rupees to remove it,” he said.

Amardeep Singh from Sector 39 suggested that the “offices and the residences of top-ranking officials, including the Administrator, Advisor and the Commissioner, should be shifted to 39 or 38 W to see the garbage dump vanish in few months”.


Bittu addressed the House and alleged “that the Chandigarh Housing Board is on a looting spree and blackmailing the Chandigarh Housing Board dwellers”.

“All political parties have played with the sentiments of Chandigarh Housing Board dwellers and had allured them to vote for them in respective elections. They don’t care for them after getting elected,” Bittu said, adding that the FOSWAC has sent a detailed representation to Union Home Minister Amit Shah explaining details of the misdeeds of Chandigarh Housing Board and the Chandigarh Administration.


J S Gogia, general secretary, said that the procedure to select the nominated councillors “is totally shoddy as normally selection is made from the eminent persons of the city”, free from caste, creed religion and political affiliation who can contribute their talents to carry forward objectives of the corporation.

Col Gursewak Singh, president of CHB Modern Complex Flats, Sector 13, Chandigarh, said that there were around 300 applications out of which 30 were sorted out.

“The merit was ignored by making nine political appointments. By appointing politically affiliated persons as councillors, the Chandigarh Administration had ruined the spirit of the Municipal Act and the Constitution,” he said, adding that no representation to the defence personnel has been given.


K L Aggarwal, president of RWA, Sector 13, Independent Houses, said that the Municipal Corporation officials in connivance with vested interests are creating hurdles in the maintenance of parks by respective RWAs. Some fake associations with no “locus standi” are being floated to disturb the smooth functioning of the RWAs who are maintaining the neighbourhood parks. The payments are deliberately delayed for many months.

Pardeep Chopra, secretary, Citizens’ Association, Sector 21, said that the city is choked with the traffic congestion and the administration is sleeping. He said that the surveys and blueprints for Metro were made about eight years ago but were dumped over years. The Administration kept sleeping for all those years to see the city choked without any plan for Metro or any other rapid transport system.

Contractual work of sweeping southern sector by M/s Lion Pvt Limited

All RWAs of southern sectors alleged that the employees of the contractor do not come for sweeping the inner roads for months together.

“The contractor has ghost labour which does not exist and never comes for work. Therefore, we would request the Municipal Corporation to interfere and set the things in right direction,” they said.

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