Senior citizen couple tries skydiving, becomes ‘oldest’ pair to do so in country

Seventy-three-year-old Dr Balbir Singh Bhaura and his 65-year-old wife Dr Pushpinder Kaur jumped from a height of 15,000 feet from an aircraft and experienced a free fall for about 40 seconds (around 10,000 feet). No, it was not an emergency. Rather, the elderly couple chose to do so and became, what they said, one of the oldest couples in India to try Tandem Skydiving.

Bhaura and Kaur, both eye surgeons at the Akal Eye Hospital in Jalandhar, wanted to try skydiving and when Skyhigh India organised a skydiving event at the Narnaul Flying Club in Haryana, the couple took part in the daredevil act.

In Tandem Skydiving, the skydiver is connected to an instructor via a harness and the instructor guides the skydiver through the whole jump from the exit freefall, piloting the canopy and then landing.

“When we were 5,000 feet above ground, we opened our parachutes for the next four minutes and landed at the Narnaul Flying Club,” said Dr Bhaura.

“My wife and I became the oldest couple in the country to try skydiving,” claimed Dr Bhaura, adding, “The youngest doctor of our hospital, Dr Raminderjit Singh, has become the youngest eye surgeon in the country to try skydiving.” He further said that he and Dr Singh skydived while wearing their turbans.

Dr Kaur said, “My husband is quite adventurous and so am I so we were planning to do this for a long time but did not know where it was taking place in India. Dr Bhaura searched on the internet and that was how we got to know about the Narnaul Flying Club and got our dreams fulfilled.”

She added age is not a factor when one is determined. “No one is stopping you but you,” said she, adding, “It can inspire several others like us who want to do some kind of daring act but are stopping themselves because of age or some other reason.”

Dr Balbir Singh Bhaura along with another doctor of the hospital Dr Satbir Singh Bhaura have previously set a record for holding eye camps at the highest altitude of the world enroute from Manali to Leh on cycles in 2016.

Dr Balbir Singh Bhaura has won gold medals in horse riding twice at veteran events at the age of sixty. “Adventure is in my blood and age never comes in my way,” he said.

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