Punjab police issue safety tips for motorists while driving on foggy roads


With Punjab registering a number of accidents and pile-ups on Sunday that claimed three lives and injured several others due to dense fog, the state police have stepped up efforts to exercise caution among motorists.

A 70-page report titled ‘Punjab Road Accidents and Traffic-2021’ released by the Punjab Police Sunday in collaboration with the Punjab Road Safety and Traffic Research Centre mentioned 12 road safety tips for drivers in foggy conditions.

The roads safety tips by Punjab Road Safety and Traffic Research Centre are –

1. Turn on the headlights and fog lights to ensure the best visibility

2. Reduce speed and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front

3. Avoid sudden stops and sharp turns

4. Ensure that windshield wipers are working properly

5. Be extra cautious while driving in foggy weather

6. Avoid driving if visibility is very low

7. Pay extra attention to the road signs and markings

8. Avoid passing other vehicles if visibility is poor

9. Use the side of the road as a guide to staying in the correct lane

10. Look out for other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians

11. Do not follow fast-moving vehicles like buses or trucks during the fog

12. If you want to go on a road trip, pay attention to any warnings from the weather department about fog.


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