Pune needs more cyber crime police stations: Retesh Kumaarr


NEWLY appointed Commissioner of Police of Pune City Retesh Kumaarr said on Tuesday that Pune requires more number of dedicated cyber crime police stations in addition to the existing one, considering the expanse of the city. He also said that training of available personnel in cyber crime investigation will be one of the priorities.

Kumaarr, who took charge as Pune Police commissioner last week, was interacting with reporters on various issues related to the law and order and policing of the Pune City police jurisdiction.

When asked about the cyber crime redressal mechanism with Pune City police against the increasing number of complaints, Kumaarr said, “There are as many 43 dedicated cyber crime police stations in the state as sanctioned by the state government. Every unit has at least one police station, Mumbai has more than one because of the much higher population they cater to. But Pune does require more, because it is a large growing city like Thane or Nagpur.”

He added, “Steps are also being taken to train the available strength for cyber crime investigation. It is an ever evolving domain and continuous training is the key. So for that we will also be initiating a separate training mechanism.”

Speaking about the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS), Kumaarr, who earlier held charge of Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department and oversaw the operation of the CCTNS, said, “The CCTNS is being upgraded. The tender process is about to conclude. We will be launching CCTNS 2.0 in the coming days. The access for the personnel and common citizens will become much easier. It will be as easy as online shopping portals. The project is worth around Rs 54 crores and it will be the finest in the country. The problems faced in the CCTNS 1.0 will no longer be there in six to nine months when newer version will be brought into use.”

When asked about the interaction with citizens through Twitter, Kumaarr said, “I have directed the officials to pay equal attention to the complaints on Twitter like they do for any other complaint they receive through regular channels.”

Kumaar also said that for the resolution of the the traffic congestion in Pune City concrete steps will be taken and stress will be given on community centric policing.


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