Police stop family of six from crossing over to PoK


Six members of a family, including women and children, left their home in Mendhar area of Poonch district on Tuesday morning and drove towards Chakkan Da Bagh near Line of Control (LoC) to cross over to PoK. The reason — to register protest against some local revenue officials.

The family, however, were apprehended by the police enroute near Chakkan Da Bagh and taken to Poonch police station. The police have taken cognisance of the matter and requested the Poonch district magistrate to initiate appropriate action.

Those apprehended included 36-year-old Zafar Iqbal, his mother Karamat Bi (60), his two sisters-in-law Zaheen Kousar (34) and Zanib Kousar (30), besides two nephews, Naseeb Khan (12), and Arbaz Khan (10). “Zafar drove the family from Gohlad village in Mendhar in an ECHO vehicle belonging to his uncle,” police said.

“We were upset with some local revenue officials for delaying the partition of our property, despite court orders,” Zafar Iqbal told the police. He said Assistant Commissioner,

Revenue, Poonch, had in 2021 ordered partition of the property between him and his uncles. “But, using their clout, my uncles managed to influence the local officials to halt the process,” he added. Iqbal admitted that crossing over to PoK would not have solved their problems. “We took the extreme step out of frustration, we don’t even have relatives living across the LoC”.


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