PM Modi attends mass marriage function, emphasises community service

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a mass wedding ceremony of 551 couples from all communities in Bhavnagar Sunday. All the girls who got married at the function, named Papa ni Pari, were those who have lost their fathers.

The function was organised by Maruti Impex Foundation, which is being run by two industrialist brothers–Dinesh Lakhani and Suresh Lakhani–who run a diamond polishing firm. The Lakhanis belong to the Patidar community.

In his 15-minute speech on the occasion, PM Modi highlighted the potential of community service behind such initiatives. He recalled how Gujarat has started accepting the idea of having mass marriages to save money. He recollected how earlier people used to get indebted by spending money on marriages under social pressure.

He also asked all the newlywed couples not to organise a separate social function to celebrate their wedding after getting married in the mass marriage function. If they have money, he added, the couples should utilise it in some worthy work. He also praised the Lakhani family for their initiative.

The Prime Minister also highlighted various initiatives taken by the Gujarat government and the state BJP in the social sector such as the campaign to eliminate malnutrition and to free India of Tuberculosis.

Emphasizing the importance of community service, the PM said, “The power of community is infinite. Hence, the community is referred to as a form of God. The power that God possesses, the same power is possessed by the community as well. When there are blessings of God and power of the community, then people like Lakhanis come forward and the result of which we are witnessing today is achieved.”

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Gujarat Minister Jitu Vaghani and state BJP chief CR Paatil were also present at the event.

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