Owaisi wishes hijab-wearing girl becomes Indian PM

HYDERABAD: Reacting to the Indian-origin Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that he wished that a hijab-wearing girl would become the Prime Minister of India one day.

Responding to questions during a media briefing at Vijayapura (Bijapur) in Karnataka during his campaign for the five party candidates contesting in the municipal corporation elections there, Owaisi felt that since one PM of the UK (Liz Truss) had failed to deliver on the economy, her party had removed her from the post.

“They have their own democracy, they may change the PM. It is their problem. But there is a prohibition on wearing hijab. I have been telling, Inshallah, during my life or after my life there will be a situation where one hijab wearing girl will become India’s Prime Minister,” he said, while referring Sunak becoming the first non-Christian to be become PM of the UK.

Reacting to this, N.V. Subhash, BJP spokesperson, said that if at all Owaisi stood for progress and development, he should ensure that the Metro Rail is extended to the Old City. “When there are demonstrations against the hijab in a country like Iran, he is not talking about it,” Subhash said.

Subhash said that India remained a democracy, and anyone who worked for the people would reach the top position. “Those who have the mandate will rule. Who had expected that a woman from the SC community would become a President of India,” he said.

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