Over 2.5 lakh Karnataka govt jobs vacant; 1 lakh posts to be filled soon: CM Basavaraj Bommai


One-third of all state government posts in Karnataka are vacant. While the 43 departments have 7,69,981 posts, 2,58,709 of them–around 34 per cent–are vacant, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai told the Legislative Council on Wednesday, adding that one lakh vacancies would be filled before the 2023-24 budget.

The primary and secondary education department has the highest number of vacancies, with 25 per cent of its 2.81 lakh posts–66,059–lying vacant. The health and medical education department, where 46 per cent of the posts are vacant, stands second. Of its 74,857 posts, 40,213 have been filled and 34,644 are vacant.

The departments of scheduled tribes welfare, minority welfare and e-governance top the list in terms of the percentage of vacancies. Only 440 of the 2,758 posts in the scheduled tribes welfare department have been filled, while only 1,986 of the 5,619 posts in the minorities welfare department are occupied. And only two of the e-governance department’s 77 posts have been filled, because services are outsourced.

Bommai, who revealed these numbers in reply to a query from MLC C N Manje Gowd, said that 82,700 contractual staffers were hired for Group C and D jobs to ensure that work in government offices is not affected. For Group A and B jobs, existing staff are entrusted with additional responsibilities, he said.

“The government has identified priority posts that require to be filled immediately. By the next budget, Karnataka will fill one lakh posts,” he said. The government is filling 12,000 vacancies on priority, he added.


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