Nehra in prime humour after Sunak’s appointment as British PM

HYDERABAD: Ashish Nehra last played for India about five years ago, but, on Tuesday, the cricketer suddenly found himself thrust into the limelight of who’s who, thanks to developments in Britain.

With Rishi Sunak being named Prime Minister of the UK, Twitter users posted photographs of the former fast bowler alongside those of the latest celebrity, and pointed to similarities in their looks. “Rishi Sunak and Ashish Nehra seem to be brothers who were estranged in Kumbh Ka Mela (sic),” one of them wrote.

Another felt “Ashish Nehra will find it difficult to roam freely on the streets of London.”

One adventurous writer hatched up a humourous plan to get the Kohinoor back. “Invite him (Sunak) to India; kidnap him when he goes to his in-laws house and gets stuck in Bangalore traffic; send Ashish Nehra as UK PM; get a bill passed to return Kohinoor,” he advised.

Keeping at the Kohinoor, another user said: “Well done Ashish Nehra on becoming the next UK Prime Minister. Bring ‘IT’ home.”

There was a bit of stiff upper lip too. “Will not confuse a tall fast bowler with a diminutive politician,” one user wrote, pointing at Sunak’s height — 5-feet-5. Nehra is a 6-footer.

This one surely had the last laugh. “Ashish Nehra has had the perfect retirement story. From taking 6 wickets against England in a World Cup game to having a retirement match for him to finally becoming the PM of England. That is indeed a dream come true.”

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