Mumbai man contacts ‘helpline’ number of e-shopping site, loses Rs 3.50 lakh


A 56-year-old man in Mumbai who tried to return T-shirts purchased through an e-shopping portal ended up being duped by a cyber fraudster who siphoned off Rs 3.50 lakh from his bank account Friday, police said.

According to police, the man who is into the imitation jewellery business fell into the trap while browsing the internet for the helpline number of the LimeRoad from where he had bought the products by availing an offer earlier this week.

In the FIR registered on December 9 at the Kurar police station, the victim said he decided to cancel the order when he received only two T-shirts on Friday though he purchased the products in an offer where one T-shirt was offered free of cost on buying two shirts.

Police said that he rang up the customer care number found on the internet, and the fraudster who impersonated a LimeRoad executive made him install the AnyDesk application, a third-party application that allows another person to view your mobile activities.

“The fraudster then asked the complainant to send a small fee using his e-wallet. As the complainant punched his bank details in his PhonePe account, the fraudster viewed it and used them to generate four transactions and transferred a total of Rs 3.50 lakh,” an officer said.

When he suddenly received the messages of the debited amount, he informed his son who realised it was a cyber fraud and took him to the local Kurar police station within an hour of the incident.

The complainant told The Indian Express that he reached the Kurar police within an hour and told them about the fraud but they could not recover the money.

“They were trying to recover the money but could not. I was not aware of the helpline number ‘1930’ which victims of cybercrime must call immediately to try and recover their money. The Kurar police officials said that they had also called the number later but did not get any response,” the complainant said.


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