Mumbai doctor falls for fraud message, loses Rs 2.24 lakh

A 62-year-old doctor recently fell prey to cyberfraud after she responded to a message on her phone purportedly sent by the electric department asking her to update her bill details and tricked her into revealing her credit card details which were used to siphon off Rs 2.24 lakh from her bank account.

An FIR was registered with the Agripada police station on November 10. The complainant told the police she lives alone in the city. The incident took place on October 18 when she was at a hospital in south Mumbai.

She received a message on her phone purportedly sent by the electricity department. When she clicked on a link given in the message, a page opened where she was asked to update information related to her electricity bill. She ended up giving her credit card details and within minutes Rs 2.24 lakh were withdrawn from her account in six transactions.

The doctor told The Indian Express, “Within six minutes of the money being transferred from my account I called the bank’s customer care number to alert them about the cyberfraud and asked them to recover my money but I am yet to get my money back. The bank said they have blocked the card, have taken the complaint and are investigating the matter.”

Cybercrime investigator Ritesh Bhatia said “Her bank should have frozen the bank account where the money was transferred after getting the call from the victim on their customer care number. Further, all banks and Mumbai Police should create more awareness on the 1930 number where a special team of Mumbai Police helps victims of financial fraud to recover money lost in financial cybercrimes.”

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