Mumbai: Air quality dips on Diwali eve

The air quality of Mumbai dropped to the unhealthy category on Diwali eve Sunday. According to IQAir, an air quality monitoring website, the Air Quality Index (AQI) value was 153 in Mumbai Sunday evening.

Data also showed that the primary pollutants in the air were PM 2.5 components, which are primarily discharged from ashes, crackers, smoke, and tobacco.

According to the parameters set by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), an AQI between 0-50 means good air quality, while anything between 51-100 means moderate. An AQI between 101-150 means unhealthy for sensitive groups, while 151-200 means unhealthy for everyone. An AQI between 201-300 is considered extremely unhealthy, while one above 300 is labelled as hazardous.

Weather and climate experts attributed the deterioration in Mumbai’s air quality to the ongoing festive season.

“The AQI is high because of Diwali celebrations since people have started bursting crackers from today (Sunday) itself. It may see a marginal shift towards a worse category in the next two days, following which it will start coming back to normal with the regular wind blowing in a particular direction,” said Mahesh Palawat, climate expert and meteorologist from Skymet weathers.

In Mumbai, the worst AQI of 166 was recorded at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, followed by an AQI of 162 at Deonar and 160 at Kurla and Sion. The AQI in Worli was 122.

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