More Than 200 Children Rescued from Madgaon Rly Station This Year


More than 200 children have been rescued from Madgaon railway station in South Goa by the authorities so far this year, an official said on Sunday.

Several children who had either run away from home or found begging at the railway station were rescued by the authorities, a senior official of the Railway Protection Force told PTI.

Childline, a non-profit organisation, has set up a booth at Madgaon railway station and has been involved in these rescues.

”At least 217 children have been rescued from Madgaon railway station till date this year. In some instances, children have run away from home and ended up at the railway station,” said Ana Andria Fernandes, a coordinator for Childline Railways.

Fernandes said her team members work round the clock at the railway station and keep an eye out for children who are unaccompanied on the premises and check compartments of trains.

Children from neighbouring Karnataka and even from states as far as Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand arrive at the railway station by trains, she said.

”In some cases, children leave their homes after witnessing fights between parents or due to anxiety about examination. They board any train without thinking about and understanding the consequences,” Fernandes said.

Instances of children found begging on railway platforms are also reported in a major way, she said.

Once rescued, children are handed over to the RPF or Konkan Railway Police, which then entrusts them to care of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), which is set up by the Goa government, it was stated.

The CWC lodges the children at the state-run home ’Apna Ghar’ in Merces before handing them over to the parents.

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