Men in police uniform slap fine on couple for late night walk on road in Bengaluru


Bengaluru: In a bizarre incident, two men, yet to be identified, in police uniform intercepted a couple Karthik Patri and his wife at around 12.30 am on Friday and made the couple pay fine of Rs 1,000 over their late night walk on the road in Bengaluru. Initially, the two men demanded Rs 3,000 as fine from the couple, who are residents of a society close to Manyata Tech Park. They asked Karthik Patri to pay the fine over QR Code. The accused also seized the mobile phones of the couple before fleeing from the spot. The two men, according to Karthik, came in a pink Hoysala patrol van.

Karthik Patri shared the traumatic incident through his twitter handle. Ge brought to the notice of the Bengaluru City Police that that the two men in police uniforms intercepted them just a few meters away from their society and started questioning. They asked for details like Aadhar number. They told the couple saying that they are not allowed to walk on the road after 11 PM and  threatened dire consequences if the fine was not paid.

In order to avoid confrontation and not  to prolong the argument with them, Karthik stated he agreed to pay the fine of  Rs 1,000. Karthik returned home shaken and mentally drained while his wife was in terrible distress.

Taking note of the incident narrated by Karthik, DCP North East Anoop A Shetty assured the two men would be identified and stern action would be initiated against them. The DCP asked the residents to bring such incidents to the notice of the police.


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