Medals for India in World Field Archery Championship

Field Archery Association Of India participated in World Field Archery Championship 2022 in Estonia from 5th August to 14th August 2022, where India Won 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Gold Won By Uday Kumar Vardi in the Bow Hunter Limited Style category, Men’s Adult Division, from Andhra Pradesh 1 Gold won by Venkatta Sai Srinivasa Pippala in U13 Boys Compound Bow Limited Style, from Andhra Pradesh 1 Gold won by Keerthi Beegala from Karanataka in Women’s Compound Barebow Limited Style, Adult Division 1 Silver Medal won by Dhanush Nair from Maharashtra in U13 Boys Compound Bow Unlimited Style 1 Silver Medal won by Sarvesh Thale from Maharashtra in U13 Boys, Compound Bow Limited Style.

The Competition had taken place in Estonia in Parnu County which is around 350km away from the capital of Estonia Tallinn. 34 Countries Participated with a Total number of Archers of 630 participants throughout the world.

The Opening Ceremony was held on 6th August 2022 with the Mayor of Parnu County along with the President of IFAA Mr. Martin Koini from Germany, Vice President Mr. Stephen Kendrick from England, Mrs. Marietjie Fryer from South Africa, and the Treasurer Mr. Timothy Stone from Australia. The Opening Ceremony was held in the Competition with the March past of all Countries’ National Flags and placards.

It was a 5-day Competition with 5 different ranges of Shooting 28 targets each day followed by Field Round, Hunter Round, Animal round, again Field Round and Hunter round, The ranges are set in Forest with all Odd – Even surfaces and uneven distance and target faces, it’s a real challenge with our Ancient Art shooting with the Skill. This Sport is very popular in Europe and American Countries. Now with the help of the Field Archery Association of India, our traditional Sports are getting back to India with these 5 Medals which had taken by Indian Team.

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