Kolkata law college: Student alleges ragging for not joining TMCP, says his father also beaten up


A first-year student of a law college in Kolkata has alleged that he was subjected to ragging for not joining the Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMCP) and later he and his father were beaten up when the matter was brought to the notice of the institution’s authorities.

He has also filed a police complaint in this regard.

The administration of South Calcutta Law College has promised to look into the matter.

The two alleged incidents took place on November 2 and Thursday, it was claimed.

The student has lodged a complaint at the Kasba police station where officials allegedly wanted him and his family members to settle the issue.

Speaking to media persons, the student alleged, “I was asked to pay around Rs 400-500 for a picnic that was organised by TMCP. I said neither I wanted to take part in the picnic nor in any political activities. I was called to the union room last Friday. There, TMCP followers pulled me by my hair and beat me up. They said it was done since I did not want to join them.”

“On Wednesday, my parents were called to the college for a meeting. My parents went for the meeting where college governing body president Ashok Deb, TMC MLA from Budge Budge, was present,” said the complainant.

“When my parents were entering the room, some students pushed my father, calling him an outsider. They also tried to push my mother. When I tried to stop them, they started to beat me and my father. They dragged me to a room, switched off the lights and beat me up. They also snatched my cell phone,” he further said.

The student lodged a second complaint at the Kasba police station following the latest incident.

Nayna Chattopadhyay, vice-principal of the college and secretary of the governing body, said, “All legal steps will be taken on the matter. It is true that such incidents hamper the academic atmosphere. I am not happy with how the governing body president is acting.”

When contacted, Ashok Deb refused to comment on the issue. TMCP leaders too did not receive calls.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties reacted strongly to the incident, calling it another instance of the TMC’s violent politics.

Sujan Chakraborty, CPIM’s central committee member, said, “It is a very unfortunate incident where not only a student is ragged but his father is beaten up when they were called for a meeting on the issue. Just because the student did not want to be part of TMCP. We have seen how recruitment scams happened in schools and how vice chancellors to a former president of the state primary education council are in jail.”

BJP spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said, “This is not new. The student did not want to be a part of TMCP and was punished. This is not a one-off case in the state. Either you join or support the Trinamool or you face violence. This is happening everywhere in Bengal.”


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