KCR directs FM to release Rythu Bandhu funds from Dec. 28


HYDERABAD: As farmers prepare for the Yasangi (rabi) harvest season, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao gave farmers good news ahead of the Sankranti festival by instructing finance minister T. Harish Rao to begin disbursing crop investment support to farmers under the Rythu Bandhu scheme from December 28.

The Chief Minister has asked the finance minister to deposit Rs 7,600 crore into bank accounts of farmers with one acre or less by Sankranti. The Rythu Bandhu farm investment support scheme was launched by the Chief Minister five years ago with the objective of providing a total of Rs 10,000 per acre per year for both Vanakalam (kharif) as well as the Yasangi (rabi) seasons. He wanted  disbursement of Rythu Bandhu funds to all farmers in full and on time, with no deductions.

The Telangana state government stated in a release that, in addition to free irrigation, free electricity, and farmer insurance, a revolutionary development has occurred in Telangana agriculture by providing direct investment in the farmer’s account to begin farming. The Telangana state government’s pro-agricultural activities not only set a good example for the rest of the country, but also resulted in a paradigm shift in the country’s agricultural sector.

The government also claimed that the Chief Minister’s pro-agricultural visionary decisions positioned Telangana as the country’s leader in paddy production, and that its agricultural policies are influencing neighbouring state governments as well as the Centre to pave the way for the welfare of the country’s farmers and agricultural growth.

It also claimed that the Centre is attempting to cause hardship for the people of Telangana by withholding 40,000 crore in funds that are rightfully due to the state under various schemes and programmes. Despite the Centre’s obstacles, the Telangana state government is committed to the welfare of farmers and the development of the farming sector, including timely distribution of Rythu Bandhu funds to farmers, the government stated.


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