Jaipur man takes cue from Walkar case, chops aunt’s body: police


Jaipur police have arrested a 33-year-old man for killing his 64-year-old aunt on December 11 by hitting her with a hammer over a minor argument and then dismembering the body into pieces.

Police said they have recovered eight parts of the body from three different sites after arresting the accused, identified as Anuj Sharma, a BTech graduate. According to police, during interrogation, Anuj cited the case of Shraddha Walkar’s murder to explain how he had disposed of the dismembered body.

Police said the crime was committed when Anuj’s other family members were away to Indore in connection with his sister’s marriage proposal.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Jaipur North) Paris Deshmukh said on the night of December 11, Anuj Sharma, alias Achintya Govind Das, had submitted a complaint with the Vidhyadhar Nagar police that his ‘tai ji’ (aunt) Saroj Sharma, who has cancer and is unlettered, had gone missing since she left for a temple earlier in the day.

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During investigation, police found some blood stains at Anuj’s house and he came under the police scanner as a suspect. He spilled the beans during questioning, police said.

Talking to the media, the DCP said that disagreement over a minor issue led to the murder.

“Anuj wanted to go for a ‘kirtan’ to Delhi, but Saroj asked him to stay back. He lost his temper and hit her with a hammer, killing her. To hide his crime, he went to the market and bought a knife and tried to cut the body, but couldn’t succeed. So, he went to the market again and bought a marble cutter,” Deshmukh said.

“He then dismembered the body into pieces and stuffed them into a bucket, a suitcase, and polybags. He drove up to Delhi Road, taking along the loaded suitcase, bucket, etc. and buried the body parts at different locations,” the DCP said.

Police said in one of the CCTV camera footage, Anuj is seen leaving the house with a maroon suitcase on the day of the crime. According to the police they have recovered eight parts of the body — head and hands from one place, torso from another location, and legs from a third site.

“Anuj is a BTech graduate and worked with a private firm for a year. He then joined ‘Hare Krishna Movement’ and was giving his services full-time there,” the DCP said.

During questioning, Anuj told the police that he murdered his aunt around 10-11 am on December 11, the day he wanted to leave for Delhi for the ‘kirtan’. “My uncle passed away in 1995 and my aunt used to live with us. She used to do ‘toka-taki’ (scolding),” Anuj was quoted by the police as saying. Anuj had lost his mother during the Covid wave, it is learnt.


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