It’s Time to Step Inside Ashley Tisdale’s Gorgeous Los Angeles Home

Ashley Tisdale‘s chic home is one that even Sharpay would find fabulous.
Lucky for us, the 36-year-old actress recently treated Architectural Digest to a tour of her self-designed “neutral-chic” Los Angeles abode. When Ashley first moved in with her husband Christopher French (in early 2021), she was seven months pregnant with their daughter, Jupiter. It’s the baby’s arrival, she noted, that inspired her to dive headfirst to decorating a space ready to welcome their child.

“I went with the mentality of falling in love with every piece,” the actress, who launched her company, Frenshe Interiors last year, told the outlet. “I fully love this house. I love every piece of everything I’ve done here, and I’m really proud of myself.”
Describing her home as “quirky and fun,” Ashley has a few custom pieces unique to her, including an oval dark-wood dining room table fit for royalty, which ties in well with the dark-wood theme of the family’s “very minimalistic” kitchen.

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