Inspired by web series, man threatens HR head, demands Rs 12 lakh


An 18-year-old man was arrested for allegedly threatening the HR head of a company in Gurgaon and demanding Rs 12 lakh from him, said police Saturday.

Police said on December 5, they received a complaint from the HR head of a company in Manesar. According to police, the complainant said he received a phone call on December 4 and the caller claimed he had received a contract of Rs 26 lakh to kill him. Police said the accused later sent messages to the victim and allegedly threatened to kidnap and kill him and his family. The accused allegedly demanded Rs 12 lakh from the victim.

An FIR was registered and a probe was initiated. A police officer said, “The accused was arrested on Friday. During questioning, he said that his mother is a cancer patient and the family had a debt of Rs 7 lakh. To repay the debt, he hatched an extortion plan. He said he got the idea from a web series. The accused and his brother work in the same company as the victim. The accused stole a phone from the locker room from his office and using the phone, he contacted the victim.”

Police said the accused was taken on police remand for a day.


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