Infighting between Uppal MLA and GHMC mayor


Hyderabad: A day after five BRS MLAs from the Medchal constituency met behind closed doors against minister Mallareddy, there appeared to be no signs of de-escalation of infighting at a time when the party is fostering national political aspirations on the one hand and facing Assembly elections on the other.

Uppal MLA Bethi Subhash Reddy’s supporters on Tuesday prevented GHMC mayor Gadwal Vijayalaxmi from setting the foundation for development programmes in the constituency without inviting the MLA. They got into a heated debate with the GHMC mayor about not following protocol. Subhash Reddy was one of five MLAs who protested against minister Malla Reddy on Monday.

Tension prevailed as the MLA’s supporters raised slogans of “mayor go back’. The slogan shouting sparked an argument between MLA supporters and the mayor. The mayor told the protesters that the MLA who did not attend the programme was to blame.

Vijayalaxmi stated that the GHMC zonal commissioner had invited her, as well as an MLA and a local corporator, to the programme. However, the MLA requested the GHMC zonal commissioner that the programme be rescheduled for Tuesday. “If he has not turned up even today, who is at fault,” asked an angry mayor. “I am the mayor. My job is not to invite anyone. It’s the job of officials. Moreover, these development works are launched with GHMC funds. There is no need to invite an MLA,” she shot back, which triggered further protests from MLA’s supporters.

Reacting to this, Subhash Reddy said, “I am a senior leader working for the party since the statehood agitation. Our party’s president and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao has given clear instructions to all party leaders that MLAs shall lead their respective constituencies and that all activities should be undertaken with their participation. Mayor Vijayalaxmi claims that there is no need to invite MLAs to programmes funded by the GHMC. If that was so, why is she visiting only the Uppal constituency? There are several other constituencies under GHMC limits. Why is she not going there? This shows there is some hidden agenda behind this. This is not the first time she ignored me but for the fourth time. Despite all this, I maintained calm but party workers lost their patience and registered their protests.”

For a long time, the Uppal Assembly constituency has seen infighting amongst BRS (formerly TRS) leaders. Subhash Reddy is furious with Vijayalaxmi for ignoring him and carrying out activities in his constituency without his knowledge. Further, Subhash Reddy is facing stiff opposition from his own party leaders in his constituency, with GHMC former mayor Bonthu Rammohan and his wife Bonthu Sridevi, a Cherlapally corporator, attempting to gain upper hand over the MLA and making every effort to secure a party ticket to contest the Uppal seat in the 2023 Assembly elections.

Subhash Reddy’s supporters accuse Vijayalaxmi, Bonthu Rammohan, and his wife Sridevi of banding together against him in Uppal constituency and hatching a conspiracy to harm his image and reputation by inciting unnecessary controversies in the hope that the party leadership will deny Subhash Reddy a ticket to contest the Assembly elections in 2023.


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