In Contai, Abhishek dares Adhikari, says BJP MLA won Nandigram by ‘unfair means’


All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) general secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Saturday alleged that BJP leader and leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari had won the Nandigram Assembly constituency against Mamata Banerjee in 2021 by resorting to unfair means and claimed that fresh elections would see the locals defeating Adhikari “befittingly.”

“He (Adhikari) claims to have defeated the CM. He calls her a compartmental CM. Before calling Mamata Banerjee, he must realise that he is an RAC Opposition leader. He is the only MLA in India, whose `victory’ is still under trial,” Banerjee said addressing a party rally in the run-up to panchayat polls on the ground of Prabhat Kumar College in Contai only a few metres away from Adhikari’s residence ‘Shantikunj’.

Challenging Adhikari to put him in jail, Banerjee said, “He (Adhikari) had said that he would put me in jail. Come if you have guts and put me in jail. He will give a lesson to Bengal by stopping the Centre’s money. We don’t need your money. As long as Mamata Banerjee is there, we will not beg before Delhi.”

Banerjee said, “Medinipur’s honour was destroyed in December 2020 by one man who in order to save his skin from the clutches of CBI and ED backstabbed the people of Medinipur and joined the BJP. May I remind him, the people will never forget your treachery? In December 2020, the people of Medinipur witnessed the betrayal when a man went and touched Amit Shah’s feet to save himself. Such people have no place in our society. Such people have insulted the people of Bengal with their treachery. For the next 500 years, the people of this land will call this person a traitor. This December, AITC workers will go to every block, every aanchal, every para, every booth and town, and hold meetings and rallies with the message ‘Vishwasghatak Beimaan Mukto Medinipur’.”

Banerjee said, “I thought he (Adhikari) would be here today and listen to my speech but he ran away to Diamond Harbour and there he kept shouting that he couldn’t find a decorator and that Abhishek was not allowing him to conduct his meeting. I suggest he should call me on ‘Ek Daake Abhishek’, and I promise to find him a decorator.”

On actor Paresh Rawal’s statement about Bengalis, Banerjee said, “The actor says that Bengalis are Bangladeshis. Why isn’t Adhikari babu saying anything about this? Where is the urgency to file an FIR against someone who has insulted Bengalis?”


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