Hyderabadis witness solar eclipse with excitement

HYDERABAD: Hyderabadis were able to get a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse in the city on Tuesday, thanks to clear skies. The eclipse was visible from 4.59 pm until sunset.

The Birla Planetarium in the heart of the city was packed with sky gazers, and there were special arrangements made there for the aficionados to view the celestial spectacle. There was a palpable sense of excitement as throngs of families with children flocked to the planetarium to witness the solar eclipse.

Faculty from the astronomy department at Osmania University (OU) observed the eclipse and captured it on camera using a phone hidden behind a six-inch Celestron telescope with a neutral density filter.

The next celestial event that Hyderabad residents can view is a lunar eclipse on November 7–8, while the next solar eclipse won’t happen until 2024, according to the department’s associate professor Dr. D. Shanti Priya. According to her, the institution plans to work with an OU alumnus to broadcast the eclipse of 2024 live as it is observed through a telescope in the US.

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