Huge inflows to reservoirs, tanks overflowing after two decades

ANANTAPUR: The heavy rains here and upstream parts of Krishna and Pennar basins resulted in huge inflows to the reservoirs. The dependent irrigation tanks were overflowing after two decades, officials said.


River Papagni was flowing heavily after water was released from the Velugodu project in YSR district on Tuesday. Three gates of the project were lifted and the approach road to Papagni river was in a dangerous condition.


The Kamaplapuram police issued an alert and diverted traffic towards Tadipathri from Kazipet.

The Kodipalli reservoir in Agali mandal in Satya Sai district developed a breach after heavy floods from upstream Karnataka.

The Srisailam reservoir continued with heavy inflows from downstream areas of Krishna basin from Karnataka areas with inflows of 2.08 lakh cusecs and outflows of 1.58 lakh cusecs. The dam maintained its level at 20.51tmc-ft as against the full capacity of 215.81tmc-ft. The heavy outflow from Srisailam reached Nagarjuna Sagar with 3.14 lakh cusecs of inflows and 3.66 lakh in outflows.


The water in Tungabhadra dam was at full reservoir level following constant inflows and outflows. Almatti dam authorities discharged 2.25 lakh cusecs of water following inflows of 1.95 lakh cusecs and the connecting reservoirs in AP, towards Srisailam with discharging heavy outflows.


The Jurala project recorded 2.60 lakh cusecs of inflows and 2.52 lakh cusecs of outflows Tuesday.

The Pennar was touching the causeway at Peddamanthur in Roddam mandal due to floods from upstream parts of the river. Chitravati, Kushavati, Hagiar and Kumudvathi rivers were receiving heavy flows.

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