How A Friendship Formed Between an SVU Star and an Influencer

Will SVU’s Olivia & Elliot Ever Get Together? Mariska & Christopher Say…

A food influencer bought her first home, only to discover a Law & Order: SVU star once lived there. This is their story. Dun-dun.

Carissa Stanton, a popular food blogger who posts recipes under the handle @broccyourbody, moved into her house in Venice, Calif. last November and started renovations a few months after. While the construction workers were demolishing the fireplace, they discovered an envelope containing a handwritten letter and old photographs. 

“I was about to throw it away, honestly,” Carissa admitted to E! News. “I opened it up and there are all these pictures of this adorable couple that lived in my house in the ’80s. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever.'”

Given her platform that includes some 379,000 Instagram followers, Carissa wanted to share the “sweet hidden treasure,” but she crossed out the last name because “I didn’t want to put these random people on blast,” she explained.

But after posting the photo on her Story, Carissa quickly discovered the man in the picture was far from anonymous. 

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