Gram Panchayat elections: NCP emerges on top, BJP 2nd in Pune district


The NCP and BJP claimed major success in the 219 gram panchayat elections in Pune district, results of which were declared on Tuesday. The NCP claimed it has bagged 131 gram panchayats while the BJP said it has won 49 gram panchayats.

“Our performance in the gram panchayat elections has been far better than other parties. We have achieved major success by grabbing as many as 131 gram panchayats,” Pradeep Garatkar, president of BJP’s district unit, said.

The BJP too claimed it would be ruling in as many as 49 gram panchayats. “Though there were different claims about the number of gram panchayats we have won, our actually tally is 49. We came to know about this after we drew up the list of sarpanchs who got elected. We can show the list to anyone who wants to know,” said Bala Begde, BJP’s district unit chief.

Begde said they had expected to win about 50 gram panchayats. “Therefore, the results of the elections have been up to our expectations,” he said.

For the NCP, all its top leaders like Dilip Walse-Patil, Datta Bharne, Dilip Mohite, Sunil Shelke and Antul Benke kept their hold on their respective talukas by winning majority of gram panchayats.

Congress MLA Sangram Thopte kept his domination on Bhor and Velhe talukas where majority of its candidates have been elected sarpanchs.

In Pune district, in five gram panchayats, no candidate filed their nomination for election as sarpanchs and therefore no election was held here. In as many as 43 gram panchayats, the sarpanchs were elected unopposed.

Till late evening, leaders of different political parties kept indulging in claims and counter claims about the number of gram panchayats they have won. While the NCP and BJP claimed major success, other parties like Congress, Shiv Sena (UBT) and Balasahebanchi Shiv Sena were much behind.

The gram panchayat elections are not contested on party basis. Parties claim that their sponsored candidates have won, thereby citing their total tally.


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