Golden champions — meet Chandigarh Police’s mounted staff horses which bagged 8 medals


KAVITA, SONATA Gold, Sapna, Salim, Surya, Andrus, Chakori, Bijli, Anarkali, Special Lady, Woodstock, Sapna and Salim, are the members of Chandigarh Polices’ mounted staff, who helped UT Police win at least eight medals in the recently held 41st All India Equestrian Championship and Mounted Police Duty Meet 2022-23 at BSF Academy, Tekanpur, in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, last month.

Kavita, a mare, Sonata Gold, and Woodstock, both geldings, performed excellently fetching their riders the most medals.

“Kavita was two years old when she was brought from a stud farm in Muktsar. On the first day itself, Kavita proved herself and defeated many members of the mounted staff during internal competitions. Similarly, Sonata Gold, who was brought from a stud farm in Jaipur, has been performing brilliantly. He was named Sonata Gold because we were assured of the wins due to his metallic brown color. For the first time, our mounted staff won eight medals in equestrian sports,” ASI Mukesh Kumar, in-charge and instructor, mounted staff, Chandigarh Police, said. ASI Kumar has been attached with the department since 1992.

Describing the training schedule of these horses, Constable Monika, a rider, said, “Our training schedule was divided especially in three parts. The first 15 days, the horses were trained for routine practices to strengthen their muscles. The next 15 days, we loaded jute bags and other weights on the backs of the horses to give them a sense of the saddle pad. As they showed signs of adaption, we put proper saddle pads with riders sitting on their backs for final training. It does not mean that we trained these horses only prior to the competition. The horse is an animal which has a tendency to forget its lessons within week if not trained daily. So we kept train them regularly, for four hours – two hours in the morning and two in the evening. The training get rigorous ahead of competitions”.

chandigarh news, indian express Sonata Gold in action. (Express Photo)

Constable Monika rode on Sonata Gold and fetched three medals including gold, silver and bronze in events like ladies hacks, open hacks, and overall performance.

chandigarh news, indian express Woodstock in action. (Express Photo)

There are at least 40 horses in the stable of Chandigarh Police at Police Lines, Sector 26, all of which are thoroughbred and Malwari breeds. The horses were procured from various stud farms mostly in Punjab, with their prices varying between Rs 1.95 lakh to Rs 4.13 lakh. A total of 12 horses out of 40 are reserved for equestrian sport events.

The diet for these champions includes 1kg crushed and barely crushed gram, crushed oats, 1.5kg crushed bran, 12kg green fodder, 6gm mustard oil, 100gm gur (jaggery) every day.

The mounted staff of Chandigarh Police won eight medals at the championship where two members of the UT police team — Senior Constable Amit Kumar and Constable Monika — won individual gold medals in their event that was held between November 14 and November 26.

The mounted staff team participated in a total of seven events. In the preliminary show jumping, and the preliminary show jumping (fault and out) events, Constable Kumar won gold and silver medals, respectively.

In open jumping six bar, Constable Kuldeep bagged silver, in preliminary cross country, Constables Raman, Sandeep, Pankaj, and Kuldeep fetched bronze medals. In medal relay team, Constables Raman, Pankaj, and Kuldeep fetched silver medals.

In another sports event, Sub-Inspector Mohit Singh won gold in Chandigarh Masters State Level Championship held at the Sector 46 sports stadium in 800m event in 40+ category.


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