GHMC fails to prevent immersion of PoP idols in Hussain Sagar

HYDERABAD: The civic and police officials appear to have failed to execute the High Court order prohibiting the immersion of Ganesh idols constructed of PoP, as several pandal organisers immersed PoP idols in the Hussainsagar throughout the 10-day Ganesh celebrations.

On July 21, the High Court had directed the state government to prevent PoP idol immersion in the Hussainsagar, and GHMC proposed portable tanks, excavated ponds, and artificial baby ponds for immersing PoP idols instead of the lake. However, the GHMC and the police officials had failed to separate clay from PoP idols because of the dense crowds and practical difficulties of diverting the idols individually for immersion in the man-made ponds. Thousands of devotees flocked the Hussainsagar with idols of their beloved Lord Ganesh for the immersion rite, making it nearly impossible to convince the overzealous crowd to head towards the artificial immersion facilities of portable tanks and baby ponds.

The ongoing immersions reached a peak on Friday morning, with crowds from all over the city carrying the idols for the immersion but hardly using the baby ponds. According to GHMC officials, artificial tanks have their own drawbacks because the ponds have less capacity and the water must be refilled frequently, slowing down the immersion process and reducing the intake of idols for immersion.

According to official sources at the temporary Command and Control Centre on NTR Road, everyone was heading to the Tank Bund for the immersion, and it was impossible to limit the crowd because Hussiansagar was their preferred immersion location. “We could segregate the idols for the first five days. However, as the crowd grew, it became nearly impossible to direct the crowd towards the artificial ponds. Apart from this, people have a sentimental attachment to Hussain Sagar, and therefore we couldn’t stop the crowd from immersing the idols in the lake,” a senior official told Deccan Chronicle.

Number of idols immersed in Hussainsagar

1. Sanjeevaiah Park Bay pond:

Total 60: clay: 12, PoP 48

2. Jal Vihar Baby pond

Total 102: clay 10/PoP 92

3. Prasad Imax Parking Portable tank

Total: 9 – All clay

4. People’s Plaza

Total 290: About 30 % clay

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