Gangraped, girl made desperate call to family, phone was snatched: Police


At 12.05 am on Saturday, hours after she was confined to a vacant bungalow in a Palghar village and allegedly gangraped, the 15-year-old called her family but before she could get a word in, the phone was snatched from her. As her ordeal continued, the family spent the night looking for her, police said.

Police said the girl, who was confined to the bungalow for about 15 hours starting last Friday evening, was raped eight times by six men, while three others attempted to rape her. All nine accused have been arrested and booked under relevant sections of the IPC and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The girl dropped out of school last year.

According to police, around 6 pm Friday, the girl left the village market, saying she had to take back her mobile charger that she had given a friend. She told police that while in the market, one of her friends, whom she had known for about four months, met her and offered to drop her home.

Instead, he allegedly took her to the bungalow, where two of his friends were present. “They were consuming alcohol there,” said a police officer.

Sometime later, police said, the three accused allegedly  snatched her phone and took turns to rape her through the night.

The police officer said four other men reached the bungalow late in the evening. “When the victim pleaded with the men to help her get out of there, one of them agreed and took her on his bike, but he brought her back to the same bungalow. Following this, four of the accused took her to the beach and forced themselves on the 15-year-old,” the investigator said.

Police said that sometime around midnight, while the accused were drinking and talking among themselves, the girl managed to get her phone and called her family. During the call, which barely lasted a few seconds, the girl sobbed and before she could talk, the accused snatched the phone from her.

The girl’s family, police said, tried calling back several times, but the accused allegedly kept disconnecting and later switched off her phone. Members of the family then set out to look for her, but failed to locate her. Police say the family didn’t approach them that night.

On Saturday morning, two other men allegedly went to the bungalow and raped her.

Later in the afternoon, the accused allegedly used her phone to send a message to a friend of the victim saying she had been kidnapped.

Around 2 pm, after being informed by the girl’s friend, the family went to the police station and lodged a complaint.

By then, the accused had released the girl, and handed over her phone. However,she did not go home and remained seated under a tree near her house, where the police found her.

“We traced her through her mobile location, after which we took her into confidence. When she revealed her ordeal, we dispatched different teams and arrested the accused involved in the case,” the officer said.

Police said the incident has left the girl traumatised and that they are providing her psychiatric counselling in a hospital.


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