Friday prayers pass off peacefully at Macca Masjid

HYDERABAD: Amid tight security, Friday prayers passed off peacefully at Macca Masjid, the major convergence point for Ganesh idols in the Old City. Security personnel deployed in the area ensured that the namazis left the place immediately after their prayers, despite the heavy rains.

Incidentally, as most had planned to offer their prayers and participate in congregations at mosques in their respective localities, the gathering at Macca Masjid was relatively small.

Tourists who had hoped to offer prayers were not allowed because of the baggage they were carrying. Sadiq Hussain, an IT employee from Maharashtra, tried his best to convince those frisking at the gates, but in vain.

“I came here with enthusiasm. No nearby business establishment was ready to keep my bag. I am returning disappointed,” he said.

The security arrangements near the mosque ensured that no procession passed through the vicinity during prayers. All sound systems were muted. The gates of Macca Masjid were closed till the next prayer.

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