Four-year-old boy who fell from fifth floor of Pune building overcomes life-threatening situation


A team of doctors at Sahyadri Super Specialty Hospital, Nagar Road, last month saved a four-year-old boy who had fallen from the fifth floor of a building and suffered multiple serious injuries. After nearly 25 days in the hospital, the boy was discharged on November 28 and is ready to get back to school in a few weeks.

The accident occurred when the boy casually peeped out from the balcony of his house when his mother had gone down to receive his elder brother returning from school. He lost his balance and fell resulting in serious injuries.

The parents, who were in a state of shock, were helped by Dr Vijaykumar Gutte and Dr Rahul Kendre at a local hospital as they wheeled the child themselves and accompanied the parents to the Sahyadri hospital. This proved crucial as any delay would have put the child into an extremely difficult situation, doctors said.

Dr Pradeep Suryavanshi, head of the neonatology and pediatrics department at Sahyadri Hospitals, said the child was in a serious condition. “The fall had resulted in fractured ribs. His arms, hands, legs and jaws were injured seriously. But the most challenging was the bleeding around his lungs (pulmonary hemorrhage) and a blood clot in his brain. He was facing breathing difficulties. The conditions are called pneumothorax and hemothorax. This is a life-threatening situation as the accumulated blood and air around can put more pressure on the lungs and affect the function of the heart,” he said.

Pneumothorax, which is also known as a collapsed lung, happens when there is air outside the lung, in the space between the lung and the chest cavity. Hemothorax occurs when there is blood in that same space.

A blood clot had developed in his brain (contusion) resulting in swelling. Dr Sagar Lad, senior paediatric intensivist at Sahyadri Hospitals, said this was an extremely critical situation and required urgent intervention to save the boy’s life.

All his parameters were in a precarious situation and therefore he was intubated and put on ventilator support. Although there was no bleeding in the brain, the fall had a severe impact on the veins. Medicines were simultaneously started to reduce the swelling in the brain and also stabilize his blood pressure. Blood plasma and platelets were also given,” he said.

“The stay in the ICU was challenging as his parameters, including blood pressure, kept fluctuating, his haemoglobin level was down and he was hardly responding for the first few days. However, after about a week, he started responding with some movement of his hand and feet. He was taken off the ventilator on the tenth day. The child also had a mandibular fracture, which is normally seen around facial bones, along with the nasal and zygomatic bones. He was operated on by maxillofacial surgeon Dr Pushkar Gadre while the hand and leg fractures were also treated conservatively with plasters,” said the doctors.

Dr Lad said that the other challenge was to counsel his parents as they were in a state of shock and it was important not to let them lose hope. Ararali Dalal, CEO of Sahyadri Hospitals, said that this was an unprecedented situation and the team of doctors displayed their experience and competency in handling complicated procedures and situations.


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