FIR against Vir Das, Netflix in Mumbai for copyright infringement

An FIR was registered at the Cuffe Parade police station on November 4 against four persons, including actor and stand-up comedian Vir Das and Netflix Entertainment Services India LLPLoS Gatos Production services for infringement of the Copyright Act.

The complainant, Ashwin Gidwani, a producer who is also the managing director of the Ashwin Gidwani Production Private Limited. In his complaint, Gidwani alleged that on October 14, 2010, he and Vir Das had entered a contract to do a script and a show together named ‘History of India VIRitten (2010)’.

Gidwani alleged he had all the copyrights pertaining to the script and the show. This show became a hit as per Gidwani after which Das discussed with him about releasing the show on Netflix.

For some reason Gidwani and Das had disagreements over releasing the show on Netflix. Gidwani later learned that Das created a new show taking ideas and parts from the old show.

On January 23, 2020, Gidwani saw a show named, ‘Virdas for India’ where Das had used concepts and content from ‘History of India VIRitten (2010)’. On January 23, 2020, Gidwani gave a legal notice to Netflix and the next day received a reply from Netflix that there is no copyright infringement.

Gidwani said, “Das, Anurag Shrivastav, Girish Talwar — all three directors of the Weirdas Comedy private ltd made a contract with Netflix which is in violation of the 2010 contract between Das and Gidwani.” Netflix has been booked for airing the show despite the legal notice.

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