‘Fewer accidents on roads in poor condition’: Chhattisgarh Minister on asked about road repair

Asked about the repair work of roads, Chhattisgarh Minister Premsai Singh Tekam on Wednesday told reporters that “fewer accidents take place at places where roads are in poor condition”. Whereas roads in good condition witness an accident every day because of speeding vehicles, he added.

The minister was attending a de-addiction drive when he was asked about the poor condition of roads in Wadraf Nagar. Tekam responded, “We have initiated the repair work. We passed the tender but the contractor for some reason has been unable to carry out the work… maybe because of the rains.”

“There’s another reason. Wherever there are roads in poor conditions, we get calls to get it repaired… but there are less accidents there. Such roads see fewer deaths. Where the road conditions are good, you will see that there’s so much speeding there that every day there’s a road accident. So, roads should be good but there should be control… on speed… on addiction of mobiles, drugs or alcohol,” Tekam added.

In another video doing rounds on social media, Tekam was seen speaking about having self-control on liquor consumption. He added that liquor should be diluted with water and there should be a duration to consume it.

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