Delhi cops look for Walkar’s cellphone in Bhayandar creek

A team from the Delhi Police, which is currently in Vasai to investigate the murder of Shraddha Walkar, on Thursday conducted searches in a creek at Bhayandar to search for Walkar’s mobile phone, which they believe was destroyed by accused Aaftab Poonawala. A team of police officials took the help of local residents to trawl through the creek to find the mobile phone.

“Poonawala has claimed that he disposed of Walkar’s sim card in Delhi and threw her phone in a creek at Bhayandar. We have learnt that he had come back from Delhi to help his parents shift to a new place from Vasai to Mira Road. While crossing the creek in the train, he is believed to have thrown the phone into it,” said a police source.

The Manikpur police, which is assisting Delhi Police in its investigation, started searching for Walkar’s mobile phone at around 3 pm on Thursday and the operation ended at 6.45 pm. More than 10 police officials were assigned for the job and they carried out searches in two boats.

A police official said, “The mobile phone will act as crucial evidence in the case. We also want to go through her chats as it will help us in our investigation.” As they could not find the phone on Thursday, police officials said they will restart their search operation on Friday morning.

A team of Delhi Police officials are presently in Vasai to investigate leads in the case. Since its arrival, the Delhi Police team has recorded statements of 18 persons, including Walkar’s former manager Karan Behri, friends Laxman Nadar Shivani Mhatre, Godwin Rodriguez and Rahul Roy, and their landlords in Vasai.

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