Cooperation Ministry Disposes Of ‘Staggering Count’ of Nearly All Pending Grievances

This may be the quickest turnaround by a government ministry in recent years. The Narendra Modi government’s newly added Cooperation Ministry has cleared nearly all its pending public grievances till July over the past month. This after a government report in July had ranked it the worst on pendency of complaints.

“Ministry of Cooperation disposed of the maximum number of grievances in August with a staggering count of 16,883 disposals,” says the latest government report on pendency of public grievances. It also says that the average closing time for grievances in the Cooperation Ministry has hence also come down to just 25 days, which is below the stipulated time of one month for disposing of a complaint.

Sea change

News18 reported on August 7 that the findings for July had said that the Ministry of Cooperation had the highest number of 18,203 pending grievances amongst all government ministries. That report said 11,644 of these grievances were hanging for more than 45 days. The latest report, however, shows that the ministry has worked overtime in August to show a turnaround.

The disposal done by the Ministry of Cooperation in August of 16,883 complaints was the highest among all ministries with the next in line being the Department of Financial Services (Banking Division) at 11,025 disposals, the report says. The Ministry of Cooperation did receive additional grievances in August but now has only 6,055 total pending complaints at the end of the month.


The government has implemented Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) 7.0 version in 81 ministries and departments that had lowered the disposal time of a grievance by 7 to 10 days. This has led to a “bottom-up approach” to mapping the last-mile officer who disposes of the grievance, reduction of disposal time by auto-forwarding of grievances, building robust mapping of end-line officers, and a revamp of the method of data collection, the latest report says.

The new system has user-friendly grievance categories for simplicity, delegation of responsibilities, features like capturing inputs from citizens for quality redressal, flagging of urgent grievances, and horizontal forwarding across ministries and departments. The provision of monitoring rights to nodal officers has helped in CPGRAMS 7.0 to reduce disposal time.

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