BMTC bus driver suspended for thrashing biker in Bengaluru

A bus driver of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) was suspended Thursday after a viral video showed him thrashing a bike rider on Tuesday near Yelahanka.

In his complaint to the Yelahanka New Town police, 44-year-old Sandeep Boniface said he received injuries on his ribs, legs and face. He also told the police that his wife Laura, a Canadian national, was riding pillion at the time of the incident.

His complaint to the police read, “We were sandwiched between the two buses and disturbed by the continuous honking. I gave way to the driver. Suddenly, the driver got down from the bus and assaulted me. He took the bike key and snatched the phone. When I got into the bus, he once again assaulted me.” The two buses were racing, Boniface told the police.

In a counter complaint on Wednesday, the driver of the bus, Anand P B, said Boniface made an offensive gesture using his finger which led to an argument. A police officer said, “Both have assaulted each other. Notices have been issued to both and they will be called for questioning in two days.”

In a video which has been doing the rounds on social media platforms since Thursday, the driver was seen assaulting the rider.

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