“Any Thought There’s War Between Pat Cummins And I Could Not Be Further From The Truth”

Former Australian head coach Justin Langer made headlines when he criticized his players for not challenging him directly during his coaching tenure. However, the former Australian opener denied any war with Test captain Pat Cummins. Instead, Langer stated that he has a lot of respect for Cummins and that he is a wonderful person.

Cricket Australia’s chief executive Nick Hockley defended the Australian players, stating Langer had received formal and informed feedback regarding his intensive coaching methods. After disclosing his good relationship with the Australian players in his new statement, the 52-year-old has effectively put an end to the alleged rift with Cummins.

Justin Langer (Image Credit: Twitter)

I’ve Got So Much Respect For Patty Cummins – Justin Langer

Justin Langer told 7 News Perth that there is no conflict between him and Cummins. The West Australian stated that he was in constant touch with the Test captain and that he never criticized the players but always praised their honesty.

“I’ve got so much respect for Patty Cummins. I think he’s a brilliant player. I think he’s an outstanding human being. So any thought there’s war between Patty and I could not be further from the truth. Ironically, I spoke to Patty on Monday. We had a long talk about how the team was going, how he’s going, how his family’s going. And some of this rubbish is complete and utter rubbish.”

Justin Langer-Pat Cummins
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“There was sort of talk about relating the word coward with Pat Cummins. If you listen to the podcast, I was actually praising Pat, I was praising Finchy, I was praising Tim Paine for giving me the feedback. I was actually complimenting them, not criticising them as it’s come out.”

I Can’t Wait For The Test Match To Start Next Week – Justin Langer

Langer said he enjoyed his stint with the Australian team and still cherishes those memories even now. He also discussed his positive relationships with the team members since leaving the role.

“I’ve been in touch with these guys ever since I stopped being in the team and I can’t wait for the Test match to start next week, and the reason I can’t wait is I haven’t seen them. I haven’t seen the boys since I finished in February.”

Australia National Cricket Team
Australia National Cricket Team (Image Credits: Twitter)

“I loved my four years of coaching Australia, it was brilliant. Didn’t end as I would’ve liked – that’s life, that’s the business, it’s a tough business. I’ve got fond memories. Those guys we’re talking about, I ate with them, I drank with them, I celebrated with them, we got through Covid together, we got through sandpaper together, we won the World Cup together, we won the Ashes together. They’re like my little brothers!,” he concluded.

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