Alumnus donates Rs 8.25 crore to support COEP students


The College of Engineering, Pune Technological University received the highest endowment of USD 1 million or Rs 8.25 crore from Ashish Achlerkar, founder and CEO of NearU and an alumnus of COEP, batch 2000. The MoU between Achlerkar Foundation and COEP Alumni Association was announced on Wednesday.

The focus of the endowment will be to support COEP students and to help cover the cost of their tuition and living expenses.

“It is all about the students and it is just a modest sum to a cause. I firmly believe in supporting people’s advancement and education is one of the prominent places to make an impact. What this alma mater has given me cannot be returned, it can only be paid forward and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to pay it forward. I am very pleased and look forward to supporting the current students at COEP, in the capacities I can,” said Achlerkar over a video call at the event.

“Under the umbrella of the Alumni Association of COEP, the COEP Student Support Club selects students from humble backgrounds to offer scholarships from the alumni body. Over the last two years since its inception, we have been able to crowdfund two crores and provided support to 200 students…With Achlerkar’s endowment, we expect to provide help to 100-150 COEP students every year, for at least ten years give or take,” said Mohit Gundecha, board member, COEP Alumni Association.

“This is one of the largest donations COEP has ever received and we are proud of the achievements of our alumni and their willingness to give back to their institution, both in terms of time and funds. We are grateful to Ashish for this gesture,” said Mukul S Sutaone, Vice Chancellor of COEP Technological University.


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