Ajay Maken refers to Bihar bypoll, says voting for AAP, AIMIM will ensure BJP in power

Cautioning against division of votes in the upcoming Gujarat elections, All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary Ajay Maken referred to the recent bypoll in Gopalganj, Bihar, and said voting for AAP or AIMIM will only ensure that BJP remains in power in Gujarat.

Addressing a gathering of “Parivartan Sankalp Yatra” at minority-dominated Jamalpur-Khadia assembly constituency in Ahmedabad city, Maken said, “The results of bypolls held in different parts of the country were declared. One of the bypolls was held at Gopalganj in Bihar… We all expected BJP to lose from Gopalganj. Lalu Yadav’s RJD was expected to win. But, RJD lost by just 1,800 votes to BJP.”

Explaining the results of Gopalganj bypoll, Maken said, “Indira Yadav was a candidate nominated by the BSP. Only a Yadav could have split the votes and so BJP could have taken a decision to field a BSP candidate from the same community. She gets 8,854 votes, BJP gets 70,053 votes, RJD gets 68,259 votes. What is most surprising is Owasi’s party AIMIM gets 12,214 votes and BJP wins.”

Adding that the same “conspiracy” had played out during the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation elections in October 2021, Maken said, “A similar conspiracy was also seen in Goa. Candidates are nominated by Aam Aadmi Party and AIMIM. But who decides? It is neither Arvind Kejriwal or Asaduddin Owaisi… It is Amit Shah and Narendra Modi in Delhi who decides so that the BJP can win…”

“I want to warn you because that people want a change. If there is anyone who can bring about a change, then it is Congress party, not anyone else. Those who vote for Kejriwal’s and Owaisi’s parties should understand that they are indirectly supporting the BJP,” he added.

Claiming that electricity cost in Delhi was the highest in the country, the AICC office-bearer said, “I come from Delhi. You would not have seen Kejriwal so closely as I have. They are 100 per cent a B-team of BJP and A-team of RSS. Those who do not believe this should scribble this and pocket it, as some day this will become public. It is the BJP who decides AAP’s candidates, including their faces for chief ministers.”

Attacking the AAP, Imran Khedawala, sitting Congress MLA from Jamalpur-Khadia seat in Ahmedabad city, said not a single MLA from Kejriwal’s party will win. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps coming to Gujarat as if he is the chief minister of the state. It is a clear indication that even he too realises Gujarat is slipping from his hands… There are many forces amongst us which are coming from Delhi or Hyderabad. They are not here to win, but are B-teams of BJP,” Khedawala said.

“The government is only widening the chasm between Hindus and Muslims in the state,” he said while questioning the corruption in the BJP government that has been in power for 27 years. “Why did they change entire Vijay Rupani’s government? It is because the entire government was corrupt,” he added.

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