AIIMS, Delhi to implement eCasualty, eICU for remote monitoring of patients

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi has decided to implement eCasualty and eICU charting solutions for all red and yellow area beds in AIIMS Emergency and ICU area beds from April 1 next year.

According to AIIMS officials, the move will enable central and remote monitoring of patient care device parameters and enable access to historic patient monitoring data which will also help in auditing the quality of care being provided at AIIMS Emergency and ICUs.

At present, patient care devices like monitors, ventilators and infusion pumps, among others, in AIIMS Emergency and few ICUs are not connected to central charting solutions due to which it is not possible for faculty of other departments to provide remote consultations on a real-time basis.

“This solution shall also enable evidence-based remote video/tele consultation with other departments,” said an office memorandum issued by AIIMS Director M Srinivas.

The memorandum added that a tele call-centre facility will be commissioned by the Engineering Services Department by December 31 to enable all ICU patient attendants to enquire about their patient’s condition from the respective ICU’s communication team.

All ICUs and emergency rooms at the institute will have 24×7 faculty from next month and the ICUs will have single entry and exit which will be access controlled by facial recognition-based systems from January 1, 2023, the memorandum said.

“In line with best practices and to enable 24×7 supervision of emergency and ICU patients by senior faculty, it has been decided that all ICUs and emergencies shall have a faculty physically present therein on 24×7 basis in shifts w.e.f. December 1, 2022. Appropriate post-duty off shall be given to the faculty,” it said.

“Patient attendants are noted to be entering ICUs outside visiting hours as there is no facility for video consultation with them in the ICUs,” the memorandum said.

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